Be Stylish In the Kitchen with Low-Carb Desserts!

low carbOne look at our size and our continual growth in all areas of our bodies attests to the fact that we love our desserts. These desserts can range anywhere from ice cream to strawberry shortcake to chocolate cake to just plain ordinary chocolate.

However, as our girth expands so does our risk of all sorts of health issues as it relates to our increase use of sugar and added weight placed on our bodies.

Therefore, some of us are in a dilemma in that we enjoy our desserts very much, but wish to lose weight. What is an individual to do?

In order to lose weight, one must alter their lifestyle. This can be done by exercising more frequently and limiting their intake of calories. This is because a high caloric intake that is not burned or utilized as energy by the body and remains is stored as fat on and within the human body.

Consequently, in addition to watching our intake of calories and exercising more frequently, we can still enjoy desserts. However, it is critical that our desserts are either low-carb or no carb desserts.

Obviously, to watch one’s caloric intake, lose weight and still enjoy desserts, it is important to come up with a plan of action. Specifically that plan of action would be to eat low or more no carb options to your diet, in addition to exercise and limit one’s intake of calories.

The secret behind eating these types of desserts is the ingredients that one utilizes. Therefore, it is important to utilize ingredients that contain no carbohydrates or limited amounts of carbohydrates. Generally, carbohydrates are found in sugars, white flour, corn syrup, etc.

Ingredients that can be used to provide the sweetness, but not the carbohydrates, would be products such as artificial sweeteners or products that claim to be “light.” With those products that claim to be “light”, it is important to read the labels and make sure that the carbohydrates are indeed less than the full blown ingredient.

It is estimated 1 g of carbohydrates provides four calories. Many nutritionists indicate that in order to obtain a healthy weight-loss, the individual should set a goal of eating 50% of their diet from carbs.

Accordingly, there are some low carb recipes that an individual can indulge in while satisfying their craving for desserts. One such recipe would be the preparation of a cheese cake and just substituting an artificial sweetener as the sweetening agent for this delicious dessert.

In addition, a dessert that has been around for years and years is a simple dessert that utilizes the Jell-O brand mix. Also, if an individual has a sweet tooth for chocolate, they can always use a non-sweetened cocoa mix and add in an artificial sweetener to make either a delicious cocoa beverage or add the combination of the non-sweetened cocoa with artificial sweetener for other chocolate recipes.

One additional recipe that provides a delicious flavor and satisfies one’s sweet tooth is a peanut butter cookie. The secret to this recipe is that ingredients, high in protein, are utilized. These ingredients are peanut butter, an egg, artificial sweetener and vanilla extract. Adding to the distinctiveness of this recipe is the use of sea salt which gives a salty peanut butter flavor.

Of course, there are hundreds of ideas out there for more low carb dessert recipes, so just keep that in mind when you are trying on that new couture dress on that amazing figure!





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