I keep wondering just like you do, the number of times I should go see my dentist. Usually individuals who have healthy teeth and gums without any history of gum disease are recommended to see their dentist every 6 months.

On the other hand, if there has ever been a history of gum disease it is recommended you see your dentist at least every 3 months and every 4 months at most.

I fall in the second category so I often visit my dentist every 4 months for regular teeth cleaning. This is different from my normal brushing; this is deep cleaning to help maintain my teeth and keep good oral hygiene.

visiting dentist

It is intended to scrape off every plague and tartar daily normal teeth brushing can’t get rid of. Your dentist like my dentist may use some special instrument or dental floss in between your teeth to get rid of the food debris your tooth brush couldn’t get rid of in your daily hygiene routine.

Fluoride may be applied to your teeth like most dentist do after dental cleaning to prevent tooth decay.

My dentist always checks me up to detect any abnormal development with my gums and occasionally have me take x-rays to detect any abnormally that can’t be observed with the naked eye.

This is done within every 3 years but your dentist may think otherwise but it really does not matter. Book a date with your dentist now and it will serve you right in the years ahead.

Some people get very frightened at the thought of checking in with a dentist. I’ll advice you first talk it over with a professional psychiatrist or psychologist to help prepare your mind for your first visit.

I remember being a bit anxious on my first visit to my dentist but when I had sought help from a psychologist before my second visit the anxiety was no more. I did not have any feeling of fear or fright. I was able to link this scary feeling of visiting the dental care to the cause with the help of a psychologist.

My fear stemmed from memories from my childhood; kids screaming when they entered the dentist office. Their action scared the hell out of me and I kept thing what I’ll also do when it got to my turn. When it finally did I felt like turning to my dad and saying “can we go home now.”

It was not painful as I anticipated and needless to say I did not shed a single tear. But the screams of those kinds still imprinted something in my unconscious mind and whenever it was time to visit my dentist it got triggered and sent spasms of anxiety through me.

Now that I have given you an overview of how often it is important to have a regular booking with a dentist, let me flip the coin for you to understand the detailed essence of having regular check-ins with your dentist.

  • Eliminate oral cancer: – A lot of people unfortunately detect they have oral cancer at its later stages. This usually takes them to their early grave since it is a terminal stage and little or nothing can be done about it. A dentist will be able to detect this abnormally very early to cure and prevent further occurrence.
  • Preventing periodontal disease: – Gum infection is very common among individuals who don’t regularly visit their dentist. A periodic visit to the dentist will prevent this from occurring. These are caused by bacteria that can’t be eliminated when we brush regularly.
  • Maintaining healthy and long lasting teeth: – You can begin to lose your teeth before your old age if you don’t take very good care of them. Lost teeth can as well be replaced by your dentist through implants. A lot of people lose teeth they’re not supposed to lose due to poor oral hygiene. When you develop gum disease and you lose your teeth, the best a dentist can do for you is to do an implant for you.
  • A whiter and attractive smile: – Regular visits to your dentist will enhance the general outlook of your teeth. Continuous dental cleaning will take care of all stubborn stains and keep your natural white smile. This naturally boosts your confidence when talking to others and not shy away because you want to hide your stained teeth. Take the bold step now to a more revealed self confidence.
  • Helps detect other medical conditions your doctor can’t: – A dentist can detect and diagnose if you have other medical conditions by examining your mouth. Clinical diseases such as diabetes, hypertension among others were detected early in patients who had regular visits to their dentists. Early treatment is sought by the patient to save his or her life. I personally believe some lives could have been saved if patients had earlier developed the habit of regularly checking into a dental care.
  • Help save money and time: – Early detection of tooth or gum infection such as gingivitis or growing decay can be treated in their early stages and prevented from further growth. This helps cut down cost and save more money and time. When tooth decay grows into the tooth the best options that will be available to you will be tooth canal treatment and wearing crowns or veneers. All these methods are very costly some of which will cost you a life time savings.
  • Increased productivity time: – When you suffer severe tooth ache you wouldn’t like to do any active and strenuous work since the ache is already having a serious tear on you. Severe tooth infection can be extremely painful. If you’ve never had such an experience ask from someone who has to explain to you how it felt like. Being in such condition always makes you hyper with your temper and reacting negatively to things that are even meant for humour.

I’ll sign off by encouraging you to add regular dental visits to your schedule and make it part of you. Make it a regular practice and it becomes a habit. For more tips, in order to maintain and have a long lasting teeth, clean teeth with these fantastic toothbrush.


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