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Philadelphia’s Best Marijuana Dispensaries

When it comes to finding the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Philadelphia, you will find them everywhere. The best part about a lot of this industry is that the people that run these establishments are usually the best of people. They also know their marijuana very well and can help you find exactly what you need to treat your illnesses. While they are all very good at what they do, there are some that stand out.

1. TerraVida Holistic Centers
64 N. Main St.
Sellersville, PA 18960
(215) 257-3243


At TerraVida, they employ only those people that are professional in character and except the diverse nature of their jobs. They are committed to giving the most positive experience to each customer while assisting them to find the best product to help them out. They will prove you with the patience and understanding you need to help you figure out what resources you have.

2. PharmaCannis LIFE


PharmaCannis LIFE takes their patient care to a new level. They will help you develop a treatment plan and adjust it as needed for the development of your illness. The staff are dedicated to helping you and answering your questions and figure out what products work best for illness as well as the correct dosage for your illness. They are always willing to help answer your questions. They are located in several states and are currently expanding into the Philadelphia area.

3. Restore Integrative Wellness Center, LLC
947 Frankfort Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 999-2980


Restore Integrative Wellness Center, LLC welcomes medical marijuana cardholders to their store. They know the importance of connecting people with healthcare professionals who know their business. They also enjoy giving assistance while trying to fully understand a condition and treat it. They have a wide selection of medicines for patients to try and they will work with them to find what works best for them.

4. Holistic Pharma LLC
8900 Krewstown Road
Philadelphia, PA 19115
Email available through their website


Holistic Pharma LLC offers its medical marijuana patients multi-symptom treatment and a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals. They have a caring staff that will work with the patients as they try different medications to help treat their illnesses. They also work with the patient so they will have few if no unwanted symptoms or adverse effects.

5. Beyond Hello
1206 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(267) 804-7168


Beyond Hello operates in Philadelphia and they are known for their outstanding staff and comprehensive menu which provides their patients with many options for their medicines to come in. They are knowledgeable and have a wide enough selection to help all their patients find the right medicine for them while providing them with the best customer service available.

6. Cure Pennsylvania
4502 City Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19131
(215) 876-2873


At Cure Pennsylvania, you will find kind and hardworking help as well as a wide selection of medical cannabis is great. There are plenty of rave reviews for the staff and their products.

The staff works hard for their patients and anyone that visits this store will have no problems finding what they need as well as the help to find what will work. They do have two locations in  Pennsylvania, one in Philadelphia and one on the Main Line.

7. Herbology
1125-1127 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147


At Herbology, you will find a very busy establishment that has many professional and courteous people working for it. They know what will help treat what illness and will work their customers to try a wide variety of medicines in a wide variety of forms to get people to where they need to be medically. Their wide selection draws medical marijuana cardholders to their location.

8. Liberty
8900 Krewstown Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19115
(267) 686-2824


At Liberty, you will find the freedom to find the medicine that works for you. The staff is very good at what they do and they routinely have amazing discounts on their products. The inside of their establishment is warm and welcoming for their patients and the music that plays makes the wait enjoyable.

This is a place people come to not just for their medicine, but to be around people that are understanding and willing to help. They have also recently started a loyalty program that offers additional discounts and rewards for their most loyal customers.

When it comes to helping the people in Philadelphia find their own health stability, you cannot go wrong with any of the businesses listed above. They are there to help you find which one has what you need to be healthy. The people who help you will also make all the difference so look for a place where you can be like family. A good business is built on good employees.…

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Makeup Brushes – Part I

In every job, every trade it is imperative that you have the right tools. When working in the makeup industry (or even just for fun) there are many tools you need to use but brushes and quality makeup are without a doubt the most important.

This article will cover the basics of makeup brushes, the tasks they perform and the effects you can achieve with them.

There are a wide range of brushes. From shape, size, texture, synthetic, non synthetic, etc. Subtle differences in brushes can create dramatically different outcomes.

In Part I of this article we will cover Eye Makeup Brushes that every artist must have.

The brushes are all MAC as these are the best quality brushes that I have found. I’m sure there are comparable brands and when found we will update the post.

  • 242 Shader Brush is perfect for applying cream eye shadow base or primer from the eyelashes up to the brow bone.
  • 249 Large Shader Brush is then used to apply desired shadows to eyelids.
  • 208 Angled Brow Brush is great for adding darker color to the corner of the eyelid and create a strong line to define the crease. This makeup brush is also good for enhancing and shaping eyebrows.
  • Using the 213 Fluff Brush blend the crease color created by the 208 Angled Brow Brush up and out towards temples.
  • 219 Pencil Brush is used to apply a lighter eye shadow to the inner corners of the eye blending outward toward the eyelid.
  • 239 Shader Brush highlights the brow bone just below the eyebrow and lightly blending the highlight color with the crease color.
  • 217 Blending Brush smooths out any lines created by two contrasting colors such as the brow highlight and the crease. The key to natural looking makeup and realistic contours is to blend blend blend.
  • Use the 209 Eyeliner Brush to create either dramatic, subtle or precise lines using a cream or gel eyeliner.
  • 210 Precice Eye Liner Brush is perfect for getting the little gaps between the eyelashes where the 209 Eyeliner Brush can’t reach. Especially important when wearing false eyelashes.

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Accounting Basics for the Fashion Start-Up

So, you’ve decided to set-up your own fashion business. But do you know how to get started?

The world of fashion is truly fun, exciting, glamorous, and rewarding. As a fashion enthusiast, you have probably heard a lot of stories of successful fashion designers who started their journey in this field by selling garments at a fashion store and went on to become one of the most famous in the industry, which inspired you to set-up your own fashion firm. But just like any business, starting your own fashion store is more than just coming up with a few sketches or selling a garment. It really requires a lot of planning and good financial brains to make it work.

Of course, while you can hire your own accountant or bookkeepers Melbourne to do all the financial work for you, a basic understanding of finance and accounting is still crucial.

So what do you need to know?

Accounting is a broad topic, which encompasses many areas, such as finance, management, auditing, and taxes. But in order for you to understand these things fully and start executing your plans effectively, you must first learn the basic language in this field.

Working Capital – It’s the available amount of cash and liquid assets of a company to fund its daily operations. It’s calculated by deducting the company’s current liabilities from its current assets.


Assets – These are the things that a company or an individual owns. They can be in a form of cash, liquid items, accounts receivable, office equipment, and other properties.

Liabilities – These are obligations of a company. They are the amounts that a company owes to its suppliers, creditors, and other companies for a transaction made. Common forms of liabilities are accounts payable, loans payable, and income taxes payable.

Accounts Receivable – This is the amount of money owed to a company by a customer (individual) for goods or services that have been delivered and/or used, but not yet paid for. Accounts receivables are often short-term, and limited by credit limit. They are also often recorded as assets.

Accounts Payable – This is the amount of money a company owes to its suppliers for the items and services purchased on credit. Accounts payable are found on balance sheet and often recorded as liabilities.

Balance Sheet – Also known as a statement of financial position, a balance sheet reveals the company’s financial health. It contains the company’s assets, liabilities, working capital, and net worth (equity) at a specific point of time.

Credit – It’s an accounting entry that may either decrease an asset or expense account, or increase a liability or equity account on a company’s balance sheet.

Debit – It’s an accounting entry that may either increase an asset or expense account, or decrease a liability or equity account on a company’s balance sheet.

We understand if you become a bit confused with all the terms mentioned above. Learning accounting is not an easy task, but with patience, effort, and willingness to learn, it’s entirely possible to understand and master it. So start learning the language now, and use it as an advantage when running your own fashion business.…

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Fashion Tips for Retirees

Afraid of getting older?

Many people around the world seem to worry about aging. Well, it’s true that no one wants to reach their retirement age, as it typically means suffering from diseases, being dependent on others, and what most women fear the most, losing attractiveness.

Retirement: Next Stage of Life

Fear about appearance is one of the many issues that bother people of any age, particularly women. This is particularly true when hearing aids, wheel chairs, and walkers were introduced in the market as they make “markers of being old” more dreadly visible. But just like other things in life, being old is something that is out of our control. Whether we want it or not, we will get older. But this doesn’t mean that we should be afraid.

Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you used to do, or look sexy, young, and beautiful. Remember, retirement is the time when you can start to withdraw your retirement assets, such as your money from your 401(k), individual retirement account (IRA), or if you live in Australia, your self-managed super fund (SMSF). You can use that money to enjoy, visit places that you want, and buy things that will make you look the way you want.

Fashion Tips for Retirees

If you have no idea how to look stylish yet comfortable in your golden years, here are some fashion tips to consider:

  • Buy the best quality clothing that you can afford. Remember that aging skin needs support, so get items that are suitable for your skin age.
  • As much as possible, collect outfits that match your personal preference and style. Research has found that what we wear affects how we feel about ourselves, so only wear things that you’re comfortable in.
  • In addition to wearing comfortably, wear items that are appropriate to your age. Avoid wearing young persons’ clothes, such as low-rise pants and tight miniskirts, as they will only make you look older.
  • As you age, sports style may be your best style. It will make you feel vibrant and look young. But if you are fond of wearing dresses or skirts, try to pick the ones with knee-length or mid-length cuts. These are best for mature women.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear clothes that are colorful. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean black and grey are just the suitable color for you. You can wear colorful clothing as long as they match your style and personality. If you like prints, that’s fine too; but make sure to choose something fun that reflects what you truly are.
  • Consider investing in accessories to enhance your style, such as glasses, shoes, hats, and bags. But make sure to reach for items that are simple and appropriate for your age.

So there you have it! Well, in addition to buying things that will make you look fabulous at your age, it’s also crucial to invest in something that will make you truly feel at your best. Try visiting the places you’ve never been before, and do the things that you truly enjoy. Do you want to try river cruising? Or perhaps, kite surfing? Or what about kayaking and fishing? There are so many things that you can do to truly enjoy life, even when you’re older. So don’t be afraid, use this chance to get the most out of everything.…

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POW – I.D. bareMinerals Foundation SPF 15

I’m sure most of you have heard about all the hype about the BareMinerals Foundation by BareEscentuals. People rave about how wonderful their skin feels and how natural the foundation looks. So, I decided to buy some and test out all this hype myself.

The foundation looks like a powder but felt very smooth when I applied it. It also blended very well. I am currently using the Body Shop’s Face and Body Brush to apply the makeup, but I may go and pick up brushes from bareMineral’s line because different brushes are supposed to offer different coverages.

I felt the foundation evened out my skin tone fairly well, and sometimes when I’m only wearing tinted moisturizer I use this product as my concealer since my regular concealer is a) too light for me since I’ve tanned in the summer and b) is a bit too thick to use in the summer.

I love the SPF factor in this foundation so I don’t have to apply that extra layer of sunscreen.

There is a couple of issue I have with this foundation. One is that the shade doesn’t really match my skin tone very well. It is a bit on the light side but the next shade in line was too dark (I had two Sephora ladies help me and they both suggest the Golden Medium shade). Because of the shade mismatch I look a tiny bit washed out in some lightings. I usually try to compensate for this by dusting on some bronzers and blush to warm up my face.

The other issue is that my skin gets oily pretty quickly with this foundation. Although the product is not supposed to be mattifying, I found that my face becomes oily faster than if I use my Clinique Superfit Makeup. Using a primer/mattifyer and applying loose powder does help with the oiliness, but I am still slightly disappointed with this aspect.

Conclusion: this product feels good on my skin and offers a great range of coverage, but is a bit overhyped.…

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3 Fashions Trends of Fall 2014

We all want to know what the latest trends are like, especially when we talk about fashion and design. We have gathered the top 3 fashion trends for 2014 and early 2015, which means you will be ready to rock wherever you go. Regardless of the season the below tips will help you look simply stunning! The fashion trends this year are simply awesome! Let’s take a look at the top 3! Are you ready to renovate your wardrobe with cute and flexible!

Shadows and Transparencies

Transparencies, shadows and shiny details are one of the top trends this year. Dresses and longer shirts with beautiful light and comfortable materials are perfect for every occasion. From going out to school to a red carpet party.

The colors vary from dark blues to beautiful and classy blacks. It is possible to match your shirts and dresses with beautiful dark pants. This trend also makes printings such as butterflies, small flowers and simple designs very hot as well!visit this latest post for more reviews.

Folk Details

Are you ready to have fun with funky looking folk details? Well, this is the time for you to do that. From shirts to beautiful bags, this is one of the best printings for this year. Birds, bees, flowers, animals and other nature related patterns are the best ideas for this kind of look.

You can use dresses, longer shirts, sleeved dresses and shirts and even skirts. This is indeed a nice way to look simple yet very classy for the day. This attire can be worn in all occasions. It is also important to keep in mind that the hot colors for this kind of look is black and dark brown as a base and as much color as possible on the designs.

Retro (some 60’s on 90’s)

If you were crazy for the shapes and colors from the 60’s through 90’s then this is your big chance. In fact you will have a mix of 60’s on the 90’s, making it a whole new look inspired in the past. This is an excellent opportunity for you to dare and show that you truly have an attitude when it comes to fashion and beauty.

Colors such as white, pink and blue are excellent options. It is also very interesting to mix simple shapes such as circles, squares and triangles. The flat shapes and simpler models are the best for women of all sizes and weights.

Color Trends

The bottom line.

This is the perfect time for you to pay attention to fashion. This year and the early 2015 is bound to be filled with beauty and style on the streets. The top 3 fashion trends mentioned above are simple yet very charming. They are perfect for women of all ages and tastes. Apart from being quite flexible the colors and models above are especially charming and show that you are truly engaged when it comes to looking beautiful.

Have fun and look stunning!…

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