POW – I.D. bareMinerals Foundation SPF 15

I’m sure most of you have heard about all the hype about the BareMinerals Foundation by BareEscentuals. People rave about how wonderful their skin feels and how natural the foundation looks. So, I decided to buy some and test out all this hype myself.

The foundation looks like a powder but felt very smooth when I applied it. It also blended very well. I am currently using the Body Shop’s Face and Body Brush to apply the makeup, but I may go and pick up brushes from bareMineral’s line because different brushes are supposed to offer different coverages.

I felt the foundation evened out my skin tone fairly well, and sometimes when I’m only wearing tinted moisturizer I use this product as my concealer since my regular concealer is a) too light for me since I’ve tanned in the summer and b) is a bit too thick to use in the summer.

I love the SPF factor in this foundation so I don’t have to apply that extra layer of sunscreen.

There is a couple of issue I have with this foundation. One is that the shade doesn’t really match my skin tone very well. It is a bit on the light side but the next shade in line was too dark (I had two Sephora ladies help me and they both suggest the Golden Medium shade). Because of the shade mismatch I look a tiny bit washed out in some lightings. I usually try to compensate for this by dusting on some bronzers and blush to warm up my face.

The other issue is that my skin gets oily pretty quickly with this foundation. Although the product is not supposed to be mattifying, I found that my face becomes oily faster than if I use my Clinique Superfit Makeup. Using a primer/mattifyer and applying loose powder does help with the oiliness, but I am still slightly disappointed with this aspect.

Conclusion: this product feels good on my skin and offers a great range of coverage, but is a bit overhyped.